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SemiMonthly Updates, Rants, Raves, and Responses.

May 13, 2002
Time to viscerate that monkey that has been riding on my back. Either I name him and feed him, or I get it over with and just eat the parasite. So, having selected a mild teriyaki sauce and warmed the fire pit, Ill commence with:

 Seths Every-Six-Month-Email-Update,

 The last few months have been a pleasure. My time in San Luis Obispo is coming to a close, and Ive been sure to inject as much SLO pleasures into my life as possible. I did back to back plays at Centerpoint Theatre. Thank you to all who came out and saw me in suburbia and A Boys Life, and special thanks to the wonderful actors and crews that I was allowed to work with. Both plays were enriching experiences. (Brief aside: I acted beside Jack Grigoli in A Boys Life. He just got a part in the stage version of Clerks in Los Angeles. This guy is in the top three actors I have personally witnessed onstage. Go see him. Love him. If you are a powerful agent, sign him.)

The Murder 8y Num8ers screening was fun, if mostly for the fact that I got to see a few of the crewmembers I worked with, and got a free dinner out of Will and Albie. And all I had to do was take an eight-hour road trip!!

The Last Year (working title) wrapped in January. I get to see what I look like on the small screen soon. I have to especially thank the hard working crew on that one.

Ive been jetting back and forth to LA for auditions (uhh, my Buick might object to the term jetting, so well just say cruising. Uh-huh.) I even had a brief run in and call back as a stand-in on a little movie called Terminator 3. Alas, it was a no go, so I just have to wait a bit longer to hang with idols like Arnold, Vin, and Nick Stahl.

The 400 mile round trip is a bit excessive, so Im moving. Yes, as of July 1st, my lease is up in San Luis Obispo, and I will join the horde that is LA. From Insomniac Video to Netflix in a single-bound. This also means there will be a going away party. And contrary to popular belief, I do drink sometimes, and if inspired this just might have to be one of those times. So keep June 23rd open, and details will be posted soon to my website.

If any of you LA-ites have any info, advice, or high paying job leads, be sure to let me know.

So thats it. Seven more weeks here in lovely SLO.





Dont email the Intergate account. They will send you a virus.

PS. If you would like to be removed from this list, please email :, and insert Im a dumb dumb in the title of your email.




January 1st, 2002
Well, today is the first day of the New Year, and I'll join the rest of you in reflecting on the past, present and future, while all the while being shameless enough to assume the rest of you care to hear about it.
It was more than I had hoped for, 2001, harder at times than I had expected, but a year that was so important to me that I would be an infinitely different person had none of the events occured. It started strangely and wildly enough. A fresh move, a rift with a dearest friend, both a relationship and a job ending, and a production of Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf? Subsequent months brought a new and far superior job (thankyou Gigi's), a production job on a studio motion picture and the friends and experience that something like that can bring, a fashion/dance show that made me discover and explore a myriad of new things about myself and others and left me forever changed, acting... err... dancing... moving
around in a ballet production of The Nutcracker at the Performing Arts Center, a major role in a feature film, a newto-me car, Christmas with my beautiful family, and a role in the forthcoming production of Centerpoint
Theater Group's production of subUrbia.
Meanwhile the rest of the world provided me with art that entertained and nourished me. Movies like Memento, Vanilla Sky, Snatch, Waking Life, The Man Who Wasn't There, The Others, Fast and the Furious (no I'm not kidding), Muholland Drive, Jurrassic Park 3 (okay, I'm kidding there) and Lord of the Rings (wish you could have been there for that Guy!). New Music from Tool, Weezer, Radiohead, Garbage, Nick Cave, Jack Johnson, Incubus, WuTang, David Gray,Mary J. Blige, G.Love, Godsmack, Jay Z, Kittie, Nikki Costa and India Arie played the Soundtrack to my life, along with all the great old stuff. Concerts like Social D, Tool, and three nights of jazz a week at work. Great
books blew my mind: A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, Atlas Shrugged (okay, so that's old.) Some have said it was a miserable year for art, but for me it was one to remember. And now the future. More shooting on the independent film I'm in called The Last Year, subUrbia opens February 22nd (yes, I'll miss the Jack Johnson show, dammit), more auditions lined up, and an April 1st relocation date to the City of Angels (Mase, any job openings at your place? :)) . So
the coming year may be busier than this last one, perhaps more ups and downs, but most assuredly, I am already aching to experience it all. 
Please write to me and let me know how your year has been. Love to all, and have a great new year!!!! 

PS. Don't email the AOL account.
PSS If you would like to be removed from this mailing list, just reply and type " I did way to much coke in the late eighties" in the subject line. 
 September 2001
Well, I have received some wonderfully heartfelt, sometimes painful, and always inspiring emails from people these past two days. There are a lot of people who are truly FEELING right now. I'm sitting here wondering what I can add to the fray. What can I possibly say or do? What have I experienced that I would even attempt to put into words that are any different than what you feel in your heart?
I wrote my little update the day before NYC, so you'll have to forgive me if the tone does not reflect the current solemnity that we are all experiencing as of late. But, I wrote it, and I might as well send it out.
It's apparent. The time has come. You are now the adoptive parent and proud recipient of the latest Update.
 First off, I'd like to address the bewildered responses that my last Update garnered: It's okay if you didn't understand. That is probably a good thing, and you should even allow yourself to wallow in a deep sense of pride because of this. Inhale. Exhale. You are whole. I'll try to be a little less cryptic in the future. No guarantees mind you.
 I turned 24. My midtwenties are upon us. Reflect now with me. Okay, I'm done reflecting. You? I didn't notice much either. None of those celebrated epiphanies. I worked on the holy day, prescribing various cocktails to my regular patients. Smooth transition: I was somehow honored with the dubious title of Bartender of the Week in a local rag. I'm not sure how many bartenders there are in the county, but my guess is that in three months I'll get it again. Maybe it will turn into busboy of the week or some such nonsense. The following week I had the pleasure of being interviewed for an article in the New Times. Seems it was going to be about extra work and acting. The reporter was cool, the Arts Editor or some such thing. I was very pleased to watch him consume at least four hard drinks during the course of our interview. The resulting article turned out to be mildly humorous, a bit Disneyfied, and vastly misinterpretive. I guess things seem a lot funnier when you are a drunk. But, it said my name a lot and I got some pleasure from the whole ordeal. Mainly over the fact that now, forever in print is the fact that I was forcibly removed from Paso Robles High School's Drama Program for the use of the words "pap smear".
 Now, for the twist. I am in a dance show. Yes sir. What kind of dancing? Uhh... all kinds. I'm in about seven numbers. Now, there are a number of reasons you should see this show.
1) It's for charity, so you can feel good.
2) I got an eighty-dollar haircut.
3) There are hot guys/girls prancing about in their underwear.
4) If you come, you will have earned the right to bring up that time I pretended I was a Chippendales dancer, and how surprisingly attractive you found me, despite the fact that you are a friend/family member/someone of the same sex.
4) You can even buy the tickets online. Neat.
 Alright, after that's over, I am having a meeting to discuss the possibility of directing a play this season at Centerpoint Theatre here in SLO. AND, there are rumors and pipe dreams of working on a film in February on a film in Hawaii. So, keep your fingers crossed and I'll be sure to pass along the details as they come in.
July Update 2001
It's a few weeks old, but it looks like my computer did save my email before it shut down!!!

Well, how long has it been since I got the chance to sit in front of this keyboard and fill everyone in on my latest life paths? A while, no doubt. Let's see, I'll run a brief high light on the past.
Obviously I finished my run on Virginia Wolf. It really was the most challenging and satisfying artistic endeavor of my life. I was absolutely exhausted after it was done. I spent about three weeks recuperating and job hunting, being free for employment after the demise of Beau's. What I really wanted to do during those weeks was to be employed as an extra on one of the two films I knew were coming to the area, a Sandra Bullock film called Foolproof and a Mel Gibson feature directed by Randall Wallace called We Were Soldiers Once and Young. My phone calls to the casting office answering machines proved unsuccessful, and I missed the casting call for the Mel movie because I happened to be on stage during both calls. My tax return funds and a shot of money from Pop were dwindling fast, so I put out resumes to Bar's and Restaurants around town. I got two calls the next day, and so impressed by my interview with the owner of Gigi's, I signed on on the spot. Within a few days the Location Manager on Foolproof became a bar patron. Long story short I was on her staff in the locations department for Foolproof. The following 3 weeks were amazingly busy. 6 day weeks, 15 hour days. My job allowed me access to everything and everyone, pretty much, and I got to see a lot of filming while I was on set. There were quite a few highlights, and I met a lot of good people and I think I made some good contacts. One of the guys in my department is even going to meet me in Ventura on Friday to see Social Distortion. You become pretty close to people if you work as many hours under such stressfull conditions. Beat the hell out of being an extra. All though I did get all my SAG vouchers anyway, getting paid as an extra but doing mostly my job for three days. Another pleasure was getting to speak with Ryan Gosling, and watch him perform. He is a few years younger then me, and we had a few common ideas, and I enjoyed speaking with him. He is a smart kid and I think he is going to blow up pretty big based on his skills. Check out last weeks  "It" issue of Entertainment Weekly for a little interview and picture with him. It is pretty hard for people to impress me as much as this kid did.
Alas, when the film came to an end I was pretty bummed. I watched my cool job and new friends disappear in a blink. Gigi's had gracefully given me three weeks off and I returned to my shifts. Aching to act again, but not being able to afford the time off if I am going to move to LA anytime soon, I have gotten involved in something I never imagined myself doing. Dancing. (pause for laughter) Yes, I'll be performing a few dance numbers for a benefit for the Aids Support Network of San Luis Obispo County. This is totally out of my realm and is shaping up to be a HUGE challenge, but also a lot of fun. The shows will be at the end of September and the beginning of October. The rehearsals are twice a week for three hours and are tough tough tough.
Other projects include finishing my screenplay adaption of Void Moon by Sept. 15th and my trip back East to see Family the first week in August.
I'm sure I'm missing stuff. I hope everyone is doing well and I of course would love to hear from you!

Coffee insures todays early rising and my god ... hold on ... an update.

February is almost over. Just like that. If yall remember, last year when American Beauty came out, I let everyone know what a must-see film I thought it was. Well, if you miss Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon while it is in the theater, youll be missing out. There are parts that are pure magic. If youre old enough to read youll likely think the same. Meant to say that a while ago, but better late than never.

Two weeks ago this note very well could of been a reflection of the horrors involved in the production of Whos Afraid of Virginia Woolf?. Instead, I am now extraordinarily proud of this production, and the growth of everyone involved in the project. It is shaping up to be a one of a kind of experience.

Story time. Saturday night. Our Director, Margie Lambie comes in after the 1st Act to tell us that her friend, the VP at Fox Comedy is in the audience. Margie is notorious for this type of thing. Im surprised she didnt say Speilberg was there. The wonderful and brilliant actress who plays my wife, Emily Rossman, was in Margies last play, and assured everyone how full of it she was. After Act 2, Margie comes back to tell us the VP loves the play, but he is especially impressed with Emily and me, and wants to know what we are doing here and why we arent in LA. Margies serious. I remember about then that Margie lived in LA and worked with a casting director. I manage to make it through the third Act intact. Sure enough, 3 people clad in black sweaters more expensive than my entire wardrobe greet Margie after the play. Then, the worst of all happens. The comment that has no appropriate response until brilliance strikes 3 hours later.
Oh, my gawd, you remind us so much of our friend that is an actor. Mannerisms, build, acting method. Its just uncanny. Hes a great actor ... you could be his lost twin.

The appropriate course of action following that is to demonstrate your film knowledge by ruining the end of Crouching Tiger to the one person who hasnt seen it. Then fade or run into the background as quickly as possible. Follow with three hours of I shoulda said ..., taken with another three hours of gee, maybe I could be an actor ... .

Nonetheless, it was great to get validation from sources other than ma and pop.

Meanwhile, on a cloud just below the ninth, everything else is going well. I am enjoying a week of unemployment courtesy of the demise of Beaus Russia House. The 100 dollars a week the government has allotted for me is quite generous, considering the government in question.

On a political note, Bush is doing everything he promised, isnt he? Too bad people werent aware of what he was promising. Especially all the others entire countries that are condemning us for act of terrorism. Well, bomb them all I say! We are big and bad! And our baby-faced Colin Powell is a nice, peaceful guy, I swear. Shield your eyes from the fire folks.

Wow, cant wait to here about that can of worms.

On a few sad notes, whatever ritual you perform, from Christian to Wiccan, there are a few people I know that could use the energies.
-My Aunt Mary Joy, mother to like a zillion wonderful people, modern day saint, and her family (which I am proud to be a part of) could use a few.
-My friend since high school Matt Finnegan passed away two weekends ago. His wonderful family could use it. 25 is very very young. Im sure he was more surprised than any of us, and he will be loved and remembered, and above all, missed dearly.

Well, thats it for now. Until the next Adventures!

June 2000
Hey hey hey!!!!

Well, first off, I'd like to thank everyone who came to see my play, and
everyone that sent good luck wishes. Attached is a review of my play for all

those that missed it. I was pretty stoked to get such a good review, and
might do another play sometime.
The play was fun, but it took a lot of my time and I couldn't keep up the
work schedule, so I quit one of my jobs during the play.
I got to see the my sister fo the first time in nearly seven years this
week. She took a train down from Northern California before she makes a big
move to Tennessee --don't ask :-). It was a wonderful experience, but the
timing wasn't so good...because...

...after 2 years 10 months, Sally and I decided that it would be in out
mutual best interests to not be together anymore. We are remaining good
friends, we just decided that the state of our relationship was a poor
reflection on just how wonderful it had been, and that we would be
disgracing what we once had by continueing with it. It was an unbelievably
hard decision to come to, but we are the better off for it. We both grew
incredibly from our relationship and we gained so much, and I think our
friendship will continue to bring us joys.

So that's that. End of one episode, on to another. Me and two other friends
are looking at a very cool 3 bedroom place here in San Luis Obispo that we
hope to move into this week. I am still trying to figure out a way to get a
vehicle, especially now that Sally and I aren't sharing one anywhere.

What else??? My film is being postpone at least until August. We still have
not nailed down a lead actress, and because of the state of things in my
life I haven't had a whole lot of time to work on post production. That bums

me out but at least it is still happening!!

I hope everyone is well. My website is off the net right now, but I promise
it will be back, and better than ever ny the 4th of July!!
Love to all!

December 1999
Happy Holidays,
So the past two weeks have been the busiest of my life that I can remember.
Today I have the day off, so besides sit around and eat cereal and watch bad horror films--actually Return of the Living Dead part 3 has some merit--I thought I'd send out an update on life and stuff. First of all, I apologize to anyone whom I have seemingly IGNORED. Here is Why:

On December 1st Sally and I where backing SLOWLY out of our parking spot onto the driveway that leads to the apartment complex behind our place. I saw the front of a Dodge coming at us. The driver was apparently looking elsewhere. The driver didn't see us and parked her car right into the back of our tailgate. We exchanged info and stuff, and I whipped out my digital camera so that I could take pictures of the scene incase there might be questions of liability later. Now here comes the fun part. We don't have insurance. So , despite liability--the driver blames me by the way--, despite the fact that there where no injuries, despite the fact that no police report was filed (private property), there is a very good chance that I may have my license suspended for a year by the DMV. Oh, and it is very likely the other driver's insurance company will attempt to sue me. Now, after a fair amount of cursing everything, I attempted to take the whole thing in stride. Now, as any of you who DEPEND on a car know, suddenly not having it can be a bit more than an inconvenience. Especially when you work one job in the morning 20 miles away, and then half an hour after that shift is over you are expected to be at your other job--3 days a week. Even more fun, is that our public transportation service is so effective that I spend about THREE hours walking, waiting, and on buses just to get to the first job and back without a car. So needless to say, after that, I'm pissed.
Now, on Sunday, I usually work both jobs, but I can't. So instead my roommate Colin comes and picks me up from the first job and we just go home.
After awhile we get hungry, so we decide to try to catch Sally and her friend Britanny at a local restuarant before they leave. So we clean up and bail at about 7:00--mind you, I should be working hard about this time. We are driving a few blocks when we see what looks like a spotlight shining in the sky. Then as we drive by a local diner we see a bunch of trailers and lights. We decide that someone MUST be shooting something so we pull a Uey and pull into the parking lot. Sure enough there is a whole crew inside, filming something. So Colin and I stand there like dorks gawking in the windows. I then recognize one of the cast members from Swingers, the guy that played Sue. Some guy in a leather jacket walks by toting a walkie talkie and Colin and I ask what's up and he tells us he is the location manager and they are shooting a feature film titled Devious Beings. We ask if they need extras or production assistants. He asks us to wait a minute, then comes back and says they need PA's, and can we help clean up that night? Wearing our best clothes we of course say yes.
That night we help wrap cables.
The next morning at 6:30 am we meet the Set designers Matt and Peter at the Peachtree Inn. We work our asses off. It turns into a 14 hour day. We smile big. Peter tells us we are no longer PA's but indeed we will now get credit as set dressers.
The next day at the cast and crew barbecue I play volleyball with the stars and director and get to watch the dailies. Somehow, I end up sitting at the producer's table. I try not to say anything stupid.
That Thursday Colin and put in another 12 hours painting a set. We are delerious and we HATE painting, but Matt and Peter are thrilled with us and say we are the best guys on the shoot. That weekend Colin has to work but I end up on the set, acting as an expediter. I get hit with break-away glass, get dissed by the director, act as an extra, talk to a script supervisor that worked on THE GREEN MILE, and put a smelly bathroom back together
after a fight scene. I am having more fun than I have had in my whole life. I am working ridiculous hours, putting up with prodigious amounts of bullshit, falling into bed only to not sleep a wink and rise to do it again the next day. And honestly, nothing has ever felt more RIGHT in my life. All tiny doubts that film may not be what I was meant to do just melted away. I know that I am supposed to be doing EXACTLY this.
So another week into it, and Peter and Matt tell Colin and me that they really like us and owe us big time, and that if we ever move down to LA he would like us to work with them. Hoping that they would say this, we tell them that we want to work for them anyway, and we have places to stay in LA if they ever need us. Peter tells us that it will happen, and we won't have to paint anymore (Yippeee).

I now have only one more day on the set, and that is a really sad thing. No more movies until I shoot my short film in July, But obviously I couldn't fit every cool detail of 14 hour days into this, but the gist is, I am working on a film, it proves that this is truely what I should be doing right now, and I will be doing MORE soon.
And now if my idiot neighbor hadn't plowed into me this wouldn't have happened. So the next time someone tells you, "All things happen for a reason," that may not be a COMPLETE untruth.
Now if only I can get a damn temporary driving license and conjure up a countersuit. Happy Holidays and may you get what you want this year. I did!!!!
Eternally Grateful,